Traditional Chinese Banquet at A Taste of Mandarin

A Taste of Mandarin is originally built in 1993 right after Gaisano Country Mall was constructed from the family behind the Gaisano Capital Group. I’ve passed by and seen A Taste of Mandarin several times before but have never thought of trying it out. I always have hesitations to give it a go because of its stunning facade. From the outside, the place looks like it’s screaming “$$$” sign. Right at the entrance, an extensive Chinese Buddha will greet you, along with other decors that depict classic Shanghai vibe. Everything from the lights to the chairs up to the carpet is designed intricately that’s just fitting to the restaurant’s image.

It was my first time to experience a traditional Chinese banquet meal. A Chinese lauriat party is like a sit-down banquet usually done on special occasions. For those who have a deep-rooted love for Chinese food may very well understand what I am talking about. With the help of a lazy susan, the food was easily shared to us by simply rotating the glass tray at the center of the table. I immediately remember my childhood days when my grandparents also had a wooden version of a lazy susan on the table. There was so much to eat that one fine dinner time. The variation of each cuisine was melodious, it totally changed my initial perspective of Chinese food.

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