Mangaon Ta sa KKD STK + BBQ, Cebu City

Cebu’s food industry has grown so much in the past years. A lot of Filipino-themed restaurants are opening in every corner, but there’s always one or two that stands out above the rest, right? Usually, these restaurants are the ones we frequent for get-togethers or special gatherings. Nothing beats eating good food together with the people we love. Good food is always associated with great moments with family and friends. What better way to do this than having our very own Filipino favorites served on our table together with the people we care about.


I can only count a few Pinoy restaurants in Cebu City that I consider my ‘go-to’ foodie place for Filipino dishes. One of which is this Cebuano-owned resto named KKD STK + BBQ located at the corner of MJ Cuenco Ave, near Plaza Independencia. I had the opportunity to meet and have a sit down with one of the owners, Clem, who was very accommodating to us. He’s a home-grown Cebuano businessman who understands what every Pinoys want in their food. KKD (for short) became a hit to the Cebu folks because the place has friendly servers, VERY GOOD food, and unintimidating facade. I became an instant fan the first time I came here. They have very delicious food choices, with a very Filipino taste. But the best thing about KKD is the affordability of their menu. The price of their dishes is much lower compared to others. Who would expect such tasty dishes coupled with pretty plating would be this reasonable? Where can you find an entre within the city that only costs P80.00! You definitely double your money’s worth.Read More »

Chef Benoit’s Classic and Traditional French Patisseries, Lobby Lounge of the Waterfront Hotel Cebu

Taste a piece of heaven with Chef Benoit’s bestselling classic and traditional French Patisseries at the Lobby Lounge of Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Cebu. Chef Benoit shares his flair and skill in creating delicious and filling pastries that will define authentic French gourmet luxury to its very core.


Let Cebu’s premier hotel and entertainment destination, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, take you on a culinary adventure to France as they unravel Chef Benoit’s Classic and Traditional French Patisseries where the finest French pastries and European breads are served. Chef Benoit’s major influence was his mother. He learned baking at 16 years old and these collections are some of his personal favorites that his mother used to make for him. Every pastry was made with extra care and commitment that it resonates to the taste of every product.

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Cebu Marriott Hotel’s Garden Café Buffet Choices

A brilliant dining experience is a certified Marriott promise.


Whenever you feel the need to create a closer family, friendly, or business ties with the people who matters; let the Garden Café of Cebu City Marriott Hotel delight you with the best assortment of food stations across different international cuisines. There are live cooking areas that include specifically assigned chefs and waiters creating magic to give you something special to enjoy coupled with genuine service and dedication to from the heart.Read More »

Why Every Foodie Will Love Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro


I have always been a fan of Japanese food. I love the wonderful gastronomic adventure I get every time I visit a Japanese restaurant. Recently, I had the opportunity to try Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro located at Norkis Cyber Park in Mandaue. What I was about to experience was an epitome of a true “afternoon delight”. So let me tell you more about it.

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A Cebuano to-do list: Binondo Tour


A side trip to Binondo is a must when you are visiting Metro Manila. Binondo, also known as Manila Chinatown, was established in 1594 by the Spaniards as a settlement and is considered as the oldest Chinatown in the world. This ghetto became a preferred destination for foodies and tourists because of various Chinese cuisines available around the area. Some of the oldest restaurants in Binondo are still owned and managed by the original family who founded it. I visited Binondo twice (December of 2014 and 2015) because I can’t get enough of its rich cultural heritage, especially the food. I can go back and do another food crawl in a heartbeat!

Walking is still the best way to explore Binondo. Today, modern structures meet the traditional where you see old quarters stand alongside contemporary skyscrapers. This is another reason why Binondo is a favorite subject for postcard-like photos and backdrop.

As a Cebuano visiting Binondo, I have prepared a “to-do” list to maximize my short visit in the world’s oldest Chinatown.Read More »

Murray’s New Orleans: New Menu and Happy Hour Cocktails

Cebu’s Murray’s New Orleans restaurant  serves  American food in a casual dining flair. Recently, Murray’s New Orleans added new set of dishes to their menu. We’ll go through each of those plates one at a time but for now, here’s a sneak peek.



From its casual dining and elegant facade, you might hesitate and worry that their dishes are a bit over priced like most American bistros but, let me tell you this, Murray’s New Orleans is one of the few restaurants that really brings value to your money. They give what they believe to be is the best and sure enough, one bite from any of their food offerings, and you’ll believe it too. They offer mostly American food but they also have other variety like pizza and pasta dishes as well nachos. One can afford to splurge a little given that New Orleans has a menu full of delectable choices that’s redeeming enough and worth the return visit.Read More »

Gibb’s Hot Wings Cebu, The King of Wings


Have you noticed the sudden breakthrough of “chicken wings” in Cebu? The wing craze has gone extreme the past year and it has now become a dominant force in the food business primarily because of it’s a known favorite of Filipinos.

Gibb’s Hot Wings, as we know, is the King of Wings in Cebu. Did you know that Gibb’s started in the owner’s front yard as a hang-out place for him and his married friends? Until eventually, it expanded and became what is it now, one of Cebu’s Best. But Gibb’s is not mainly for chicken lovers only. You can have a perfect night out with your friends or workmates and feast on their delicious grub besides the famous wings. Gibb’s is not only an all-chicken-wing hub, you see. They also serve pasta dishes like Bacon & Mushroom Carbonara and Spag n’  Meatballs (which I have yet to try, but I will really soon!) plus other food options like Potato Wedges and Potato Chip Taco that goes well with your choice of beer. Check out their menu for a more detailed list of their food offerings.Read More »

FUDGE: More Than Just The Best Desserts

When we talk about Fudge Restaurant, it has become synonymous to mouthwatering desserts. They’ve been around for some time and is considered the largest dessert place in metro Cebu. But did you know that Fudge is making a revamp to a more distinctly homey dining place?


Check out the shabby chic facade of Fudge in Banilad. Some of their decors were acquired from the owners’ farm using organic wood materials from the likes of Santol branches and roots as well as old window frames from their country home. Imagine dining in an interior that resembles a doll house with eye candy designs, packed with bright pastel colors and cute furnishings. My take on their new look? It’s fresh and relaxing. This, my friend, is the vibe Fudge want their customers to feel moving forward.  It makes you feel more relaxed and not get pressured to dress up too much for an occasion because the ambiance is so comfy, anyone will feel at home the minute they step in the resto. Fudge in Ayala Center Cebu will undergo the same upgrade too. Soon!Read More »

Specialty Coffee at Cafe Jasmin


For coffee lovers like myself, I want my coffee to be blended in a most certain way possible. A lot of people spend time studying, working or simply bumming at coffee shops these days. At Cafe Jasmin, they provide signature coffee in the best way. They roast their own beans to perfection and their baristas exudes passion to their craft, giving us a high grade coffee experience as a result.Read More »

The Mango Farm (a Fruitas Company)

We were just done with dinner when we bumped into The Mango Farm’s stall at SM Seaside Cebu. My eyes caught this very striking picture of their Mango Sago Shake so I immediately stopped and decided to give it a go. I guess a little twist of our usual mango shake is just what we need after a hearty dinner meal. When we checked their menu, The Mango Farm offers a variety of desserts & beverages with mango being the star concoction. They give new meaning to this popular pinoy summer drink.


The staff was nice and answered some of my queries. The company has been in the business for some time. Little did we know, The Mango Farm is associated with the Fruitas Group of Companies – a known producer of fruit shakes and other fruit beverages. Read More »