How to Apply for Student Permit and Non-Professional Driver’s License: 2021 Edition

I just got my Non-professional driver's license a couple of days ago, yay!! I know, I know. I am a late bloomer, and part of it was regretting why I did not get one a few years back when it was "easier" and cheaper to apply for a driver's license. Anyhow, there's nothing else I... Continue Reading →

Lemonade, Anyone?

I have been a milktea enthusiast since the beginning of time even before the milktea craze began (I will have a separate article for that, though). This fact has been established for so long that I am almost ready to change my last name to "Milktea" LOL. But, even longer before that, I am a certified... Continue Reading →

Parilya IL Curso, SRP

Parilya in Il Curso is one of The Laguna Group's babies who is living up to the company's stamp of proven success in the food industry over the years. The dining formula at Parilya is the same with its forerunner sister Cafe Laguna (one of my top picks for Best of Cebu restaurants) which is classic... Continue Reading →

Paluto Dining and More at Seafood and Ribs Warehouse Restaurant, SM Seaside City Cebu

Do you know how it feels like to have a boulder in your stomach? I bet you do. That’s how it felt like for me after dining at Seafood And Ribs Warehouse. I had one of the best 'paluto' seafood feast and it's damn hard to pick a favorite because all of the dishes served to... Continue Reading →

Traditional Chinese Banquet at A Taste of Mandarin

A Taste of Mandarin is originally built in 1993 right after Gaisano Country Mall was constructed from the family behind the Gaisano Capital Group. I've passed by and seen A Taste of Mandarin several times before but have never thought of trying it out. I always have hesitations to give it a go because of its stunning... Continue Reading →

Chik Chow Food Express Buffet For Only P288

I've heard Chik Chow's radio ad for some time already but I have yet to personally try it untlrecently. Finally, I got the opportunity to try their buffet which, by the way, is way affordable compared to the mainstream buffets in the metro. My Uber driver was not familiar with the place, and so am I.... Continue Reading →

Tsuki Japanese Dining in Sarrosa International Hotel, Kasambagan, Cebu City

If you're in search of authentic Japanese food, then you must definitely try Tsuki's delectable meals. At barely three months old, Tsuki Japanese Dining is currently on its soft opening. It is located on the ground floor of Sarrosa International Hotel. I’m such a sucker for Japanese food, so when I had the opportunity to try... Continue Reading →

No Frills Ramen All for P150 at Ramen Dojo, Cebu

I am no connoisseur but I enjoy slurping on a good ramen broth occasionally. Ramen has become a staple in the Philippine food scene. This stellar dish's popularity is becoming a trend that a number of ramen houses are swarming in Cebu City's food scene. Ramen Dojo first opened its doors to Cebuanos at Robinsons Cybergate... Continue Reading →

Shakey’s Cebu Opened Its 8th Branch at SM Seaside City Cebu

The newest Shakey's restaurant in Cebu finally opened its doors to the public at the 3rd biggest mall in the Philippines. With the recent opening of the SM Seaside City Cebu branch, it only means that Shakey's SuperCard holders can enjoy more exclusive treats, promos, discounts and other privileges. The more reason why you have... Continue Reading →

Soi Restaurant, Thai Food Rockstar in Cebu.

Thai food has bcome a Filipino favorite. Here in Cebu, there are several Thai restaurants that are slowly making a mark in the food biz. One of which is this no non-sense Thai place named Soi Thai Restaurant. Soi Thai is a Filipino-owned restaurant from the creative minds that brought us the staple Kapampangan food chain,... Continue Reading →

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