Lemonade, Anyone?

I have been a milktea enthusiast since the beginning of time even before the milktea craze began (I will have a separate article for that, though). This fact has been established for so long that I am almost ready to change my last name to “Milktea” LOL. But, even longer before that, I am a certified coffee junkie. Which still stands true until now. But lately I try to shy away from caffeine because I feel like it is one of the causes why I am gaining weight despite controlling my food intake. *sigh But we’ll not talk about it today because that’s entirely another battle I am trying to win.


Aside from milktea, there’s this newest fad that I’ve been raving about and this is what this write-up is all about. My love story with freshly squeezed lemonade started one fine afternoon while I was snacking at Jafar’s inside Rustan’s marketplace. My eyes caught this bright yellow facade of  a lemonade pop-up store. I have been seeing lemonade stalls here and there including the more prominent one, The Lemon Co. So I decided to try it out since I don’t have a drink to pair with my beef shawarma wrap yet (yes, I know the combo doesn’t sound right but what the heck, I did it anyway hah!). I asked the crew to surprise me with their bestseller and she gave me the Mango Lemonade. It was also my personal pick,  but just wanted the crew offer me the best drink in the house.


Surprisingly, I enjoyed my Mango Lemonade. A lot actually. The lemon taste just pops right out with a zing of tang that I really like. Ever since that first drink, I got hooked. Nothing beats freshly squeezed lemon prepared right in front of you. Suddenly, I’m a believer.


The Lemon Co. sells traditional style, hand pressed, 100%  fresh lemonade made to order, served hot or cold. There are different flavors of lemonades to choose from, available add-ons like: Chia Seeds, Popping Boba, Honey, Stevia or Hot Lemonade and different sugar levels. It is available in two sizes, 12oz and 20oz.


Aside from being a rich source of vitamin C, there’s so much more that we can reap out of drinking lemonade. According to Healthline lemons are great detoxifying agent that aids to a better digestion, adds moisture to the skin and has the ability to boost our immune system with its antibacterial and antiviral properties to name a few. The most popular health benefits of lemon is to effectively help in weight reduction and increases our body’s metabolism.

I am thankful for the sudden growth of lemonade stores in the country today. It’s an effective way to promote healthier lifestyle by drinking fresh lemonade aside from H2O. Truly a nice way to kick-off that healthy lifestyle once and for all.


The Lemon Co. has several branches all over Metro Cebu. Visit their Facebook Page or their website to know more.

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