Kampo Grill & Bar’s HOOAH! BBQ Fest

Being one of Pages Holdings Inc. (PHI) new babies, Kampo Grill & Bar is slowing inching in to be the new home for the hungry and braved ones (so to speak). Alongside its big bros and sis like like Mooon Cafe, Lantaw, House of Lechon and many more, Kampo is a new place to watch out for. The whole place depicts a unique ambiance that shows off a cool vibe, like you are actually in a war zone. Known for it’s Military-based theme and interiors, complete with camouflage roof, cargo-uniformed crews, metal utensils, sand bags, and a military tank at the dining area, you’ll feel like going to combat – with their sumptuous dishes as your adversary. How do you like that?Read More »