No Frills Ramen All for P150 at Ramen Dojo, Cebu


I am no connoisseur but I enjoy slurping on a good ramen broth occasionally. Ramen has become a staple in the Philippine food scene. This stellar dish’s popularity is becoming a trend that a number of ramen houses are swarming in Cebu City’s food scene. Ramen Dojo first opened its doors to Cebuanos at Robinsons Cybergate back in June of 2016. When I heard that they are opening in IT Park, which is closer to where I live, I got really excited. Finally, on February 2017, Ramen Dojo opened its second branch at The Walk, Cebu IT Park.


Authentic ramen is hard to resist. It is also often offered quite expensively. Normally, a good bowl of ramen noodles would cost 300+ at a minimum. But if you are on a tight budget Ramen Dojo is the solution. They serves basic, less frills ramen priced unbelievably at Php150 per bowl! Yes, that’s right, Php150 on all ramen. A welcoming addition to the growing ramen places in town and a great option for people who fancy ramen but on a budget.


The ambiance is also very welcoming. A variety of people who are not iffy to try unconventional ramen will surely be drawn to try their food. And for me, it was an experience I will gladly share to my friends. So let’s go through my faves first.

My personal favorites are the Pork Ramen and Spicy Tan-Tan.

Pork Ramen is what I would recommend, specially to those who haven’t been here before. The springy noodles have the right thickness and the soup bursts with rich pork goodness. It truly satisfied my idea of basic pork ramen. Delish!

Pork Ramen

Spicy Tan-Tan has this orange-hued broth with a spicy kick and generous amount of ground pork. Once you mix everything together, the soup gets so flavorful and spicy at the same time, you wouldn’t want to stop eating. There’s always cold water readily available when you need to cool down a lil bit.

Spicy Tan-Tan Ramen

Their ramen selections taste pretty good for the price. The broth was light but flavorful without the oily after-taste. Here are other ramen flavors I’ve tried at Ramen Dojo.

Aside from ramen, they also have combo meals and add-ons that will save you a few bucks. My favorite combo is Ramen + Gyoza + Chicken Rice (teriyaki chicken).  For only Php320, this set meal is probably the best combo that definitely makes your wallet happy (you save Php70). There is also Ramen + Gyoza OR Ramen + Chicken Rice combo which is for Php250 only (you save Php20).

Teriyaki chicken is my fave! The sauce has the same sweet teriyaki flavor that complements well to tender savory meat. There’s not much difference from chicken teriyaki at some famous Japanese places in town, so for the price, I can eat chicken teriyaki here everyday. The gyoza had a nice crust on the outside and juicy filling inside. It was not the best I’ve had but it was tasty in its own right.

You can also order them separately for Php120/order, alongside Yakisoba noodles which I have yet to try. Chahan, Japanese style fried rice, is also available for P90 only. Ramen Dojo also offeres Chahan combo set for either ramen, gyoza and chicken.


So grab your noodle-slurping friends and head on to Ramen Dojo. This is the closest you can get to authentic Japanese style ramen at an affordable price. Think of it as a fast-food ramen joint, with noodles made fresh every day. Just an eat-and-go kind of Ramen house with no frills. Itadakimasu!

The Walk, Cebu IT Park
Operating hours: 10AM – 11PM
Contact: (032) 272 9338

Other branches:
GF Robinsons Cybergate, Capitol Site
Cebu City
Contact: +63 977-815-8600

Soon to open:
2F SM City Cebu
North Reclamation, Cebu City

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