Review: Wok’d Thai Take-Out in Banilad, Cebu


Thai food has a reputation for excellence, the exotic flavors and fragrance make it one of the more popular international cuisines. Nothing beats the feeling of having Thai food in the streets of Thailand, whether it’s hot, sour, sweet or savory Thai food is always a good choice.


Wok’d Thai Take-Out make the most of everything to give us a taste of Thailand and displays an ambiance that stimulates three quintessential “S”es of the human senses: sight, sound (hearing), and scent (smell). Wok’d is a fast-paced restaurant which takes you to the heart of buzzing Bankok in a casual dining setting.

You just don’t zero in on your usuals because there are other Thai staples that you can try on their menu. The serving size of their food is enough for sharing, so you get to order other dishes and share it amongst yourselves. Let’s take a look at their offerings, shall we? (Photos were arranged in random order)


Tom Yum, P400
Tom Yum is characterized by its distinct hot-and-sour flavor. Their version is a balanced amount of spice, sourness, and a good amount of shrimp. I find it not too spicy to the point that you burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth kind of hot. The serving size is good for sharing.


Seafood Pad Thai, P400
Stir-fry rice noodles with seafood, peanuts, egg, tofu and vegetables. It is not something that I really enjoyed, though. I thought the noodles were stickier than usual, and then I started comparing it to other Pad Thais that I’ve tried. It’s a big serving sized for two.


Pad See Ew, P430
It is made of flat rice noodles cooked with eggs, chicken, prawn and mixed vegies. The noodles are a bit sticky too, but I like it way better than the Pad Thai.


Papaya Salad, P200
Shaved papaya tossed with carrots, peanuts, tomatoes, and a whole lot of chilies, typically served in salad form with nuts on top. It has a soured quality to it, like our local condiment atchara. It’s delicious and amazing as it is fiery! I love it and I highly recommend you try it too! The chopped nuts give it a contrasting texture, a perfect starter indeed.


Massaman Beef with Roti, P450
Massaman is my favorite curry. I love the richness of the sauce, the tenderness of the beef and the overall heartiness of the dish, perfect for meat lovers. The fact that it had curry in it made it awesome. The nutty flavor adds more to the taste. Typically, Thais have rice to go with it but I like that they paired it with Roti instead. Massaman Beef curry is really good.


Traditional Thai Iced Tea, P75
This red tea is mixed with sugar and lemon. It’s not too sweet with a little tart taste to it.


Grilled Salmon, P450
Norwegian Salmon on a bed of blanched string beans and broccoli, topped with pineapple and curry sauce. As a salmon lover, I thought the fish was a bit dry but good thing the curry sauce helped in adding moisture to the dish. Salmon slice is very generous.


Gai Yang, P320
This dish is very pleasing to the eyes. I love the presentation, and the overall taste was good. Cuts of chicken breasts grilled perfectly with stir fried vegies and papaya salad on the side plus a special dip that made the chicken breast more flavorful. It’s a perfect complement to the seemingly plain chicken meat. This is a great choice for the health conscious and lovers of greens.


Curry Puff, P220
This is my favorite in Wok’d.  It’s an all-vegetable puff fried until golden brown. It shares similarities with empanada, a popular pasty in Spain and the Philippines. I still can’t believe that it’s made with pure vegies because it tasted like it has chicken or pork in it. And don’t forget to dip it in the “secret” sauce. This, my firned, is a must-try.


Chicken and Cashew Nuts, P400
There’s a bit of spice which contrasts to the sweetness of this dish. I like it, although I find the sweet flavor too strong for my palate.


Thai Fish Cakes, P245
This is made from lamon-lamon fish fillet mixed with egg, red curry paste, fresh basil, and string beans. This is another starter that I really enjoyed.


Chicken and Seafood Laksa, P420
Soup noodles with mixed chicken and seafood with some bean sprouts, tofu, and greens. I like the thickness of the soup, but I find it too spicy. You may opt for a lighter spice upon ordering. A carbo loading soup that’s good for sharing.


Garlic Pork and Pepper, P350
Pork cutlet stir fried with mixed with vegetables. I was not blown away because it tasted like the tossed vegies with pork I usually make at home. The flavors are all there but nothing extraordinary. The serving size is huge, it’s a bit overwhelming.


Thai Beef with Chili Basil, P400
It’s stir fried beef tenderloin and vegetables. The meat is tender and has that smoky flavor from the wok. It was good, but not one of the memorable dishes for me. Good serving portions for the price.


Thai Milk Tea, P80
I like their milktea. It’s creamy and different but in a good way. Once you’ve tried this, you will immediately identify that it’s the milktea from Wok’d. That’s how distinct the taste was. So good.

No Pictures:
Chicken and Seafood Fried Rice, P380
YUM! Fried steamed rice with chicken, seafood, and vegetables. It’s everything you want in a fried rice and more. The ingredients go well together. If you’re a rice person, order this along with your choice of curry dish.
Singaporean Noodles, P400
Amongst all the noodle dishes they have, my favorite goes to the Singaporean Noodles (too bad I was not able to take a photo of it, tsk!) It doesn’t look appetizing but the taste is bursting with flavor. The noodles are soft and perfectly done and there were prawns, chicken, mushroom and other vegetables in it. I promised myslef to go back and order this again (and this time, take a photo of it as well).
Gang Gari (Curry), P420
Mixed seafood, chicken and vegetables in a yellow curry paste sauce and coconut milk. I appreciate it being not too spicy, so I was able to enjoy the meat and seafood with the curry sauce.


If you fancy Thai food that is done home cooking style then give Wok’d a try. You’ll get dishes that’s quite close to what you get just around the corners of Bangkok. Some of the dishes may be a bit underwhelming but there are a few standouts. Most of the standouts are such comforting dishes, even non-Thai food lover will appreciate it.

Wok’d Thai Take-Out
Address: Streetscape, Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road City, Banilad, Cebu City
Open Daily: 11:30 AM – 2 PM, 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Landline: (032) 268-4933
Facebook: @wokdthai

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