Why Every Foodie Will Love Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro


I have always been a fan of Japanese food. I love the wonderful gastronomic adventure I get every time I visit a Japanese restaurant. Recently, I had the opportunity to try Skillet Japanese Cafe & Bistro located at Norkis Cyber Park in Mandaue. What I was about to experience was an epitome of a true “afternoon delight”. So let me tell you more about it.

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A Cebuano to-do list: Binondo Tour


A side trip to Binondo is a must when you are visiting Metro Manila. Binondo, also known as Manila Chinatown, was established in 1594 by the Spaniards as a settlement and is considered as the oldest Chinatown in the world. This ghetto became a preferred destination for foodies and tourists because of various Chinese cuisines available around the area. Some of the oldest restaurants in Binondo are still owned and managed by the original family who founded it. I visited Binondo twice (December of 2014 and 2015) because I can’t get enough of its rich cultural heritage, especially the food. I can go back and do another food crawl in a heartbeat!

Walking is still the best way to explore Binondo. Today, modern structures meet the traditional where you see old quarters stand alongside contemporary skyscrapers. This is another reason why Binondo is a favorite subject for postcard-like photos and backdrop.

As a Cebuano visiting Binondo, I have prepared a “to-do” list to maximize my short visit in the world’s oldest Chinatown.Read More »