Bunzie’s Cove: A Hidden Gem in the North of Cebu


Cebu and its nearby provinces are blessed with a number of beautiful beaches and waterfalls. But aside from the numerous white and gray sand beaches and falls, did you know that there’s a quaint hidden cove just a few hours away from Cebu City? Yes. Bunzie’s Cove lay pleasantly endearing just 2 1/2 hours away from the city – a paradise you wouldn’t believe tucked silently along the highway of Tabogon, Cebu. The place aims to provide distraction-free space for their guests and allows them to rediscover that inner peace forgotten from the rush of life. Our trip to Bunzie’s Cove was pretty memorable. It’s one of those moments that gave me sepanx, like I’m so drawn to the place that I want to stay there a little bit longer.


The whole place is picture-perfect. I didn’t have high expectations on this trip but nonetheless, Bunzie’s Cove surely did not disappoint. Certainly a ‘rocky’ beachcapade worth every moment. You don’t only get small rocks on the shore of Bunzie’s Cove, but will also have an opportunity to appreciate the wondrous beauty of nature. Adventure seekers are bound to be delighted because they can climb up to the rock formations/cliff and jump their way down the waters (but of course, you have to be cautious, this tip is NOT for everybody). There is a viewing deck that provides a spectacular view of the cove, and some of its cliffs and rock formations that contribute to the impressive facade of this little paradise. Plus, they have a swimming pool for kids and adults.


We rented the whole place to ourselves. The Lookout House look stunning and the interior is classy dressed in white. The bedrooms include a quiet split-type AC, two double beds, and several mattresses. It’s enclosed with country-style windows and glass-paned doors, overlooking the pool and the beach. White curtains add accent to both lower and upper floors. There’s also enclosed bathroom in every room. There’s also a pop out kitchen complete with all kitchen utensils, fridge, and stove for you to use.

The Villa allows guests to embrace the breezy atmosphere from its huge country-style windows opening directly to the amazing view of the crystal-blue waters, fresh sea breeze and the daily spectacle of the sunrise. In this beautiful villa, all your island fantasy comes to life.

Bunzie’s Cove is an ideal place to soak in its stunning ambiance, ponder about life, erase all the drama in our everyday struggle, unwind, get harmonious with your family and friends, all within a reasonable budget. There’s definitely no reason for you not to visit this place. This is the place to be if you’re seeking inspiration.



Here are the available accommodation packages suited to fit your trip’s agenda: (info from bunziescove.com)

Package 1
Villa & Guest Room (10 persons) with sweeping views of the cove, highly recommended for families or groups with children.
Rate: P11,000/day
-Air-conditioned rooms
-Loft w/ mattress & pillows
(all rooms have mattresses & toiletries)
-spacious living & dining area
-large outdoor terrace

Package 2
The Lookout (10 persons) has a great view and closer access of the swimming pool.
Rate: P11,000/day
-2 storey beach house
-Air-conditioned rooms
(with several extra mattresses)
-mini porch
-kitchen & dining area (separate from the house)

Package 3
Exclusive accommodation up to 20 persons (The Villa and The Lookout)
Rate: P16,500/day
Includes all amenities.
If you want privacy for your group of 20, you can rent the whole Bunzie’s Cove.
How to get there:
From Cebu (via Bus)
-Head to the North Bus Terminal
-Take the bus going to Sogod (inform the ticket attendant that you are going to Bunzie's Cove)
-Bunzie's Cove's main entrance is along the highway.
Fare: Non-aircon P75.00, Air-conditioned P115.000

Look at our happy faces. It’s one of those times where all we did was have fun and bond. I’m just glad to be with these bunch of crazies on this trip.

Already got your curiosity piqued? Visit Bunzie’s Cove now for a quiet time with your loved ones or have your team building activities done there.

Some of Bunzie’s kind reservation officers came to visit and gave us a basket full of fresh fruits as a token of gratitude.

📩: Maslog Provincial Road, Tabogon, Cebu, Philippines
💻: bunziescove.com
Reservation Office: A.C Signature Developments, Inc.
Business Walls Bldg., 856 A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad
📞: +63 32 344 3039
📧: info@bunziescove.com

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