4 Reasons Why Danasan Eco Adventure Park Should Be Your Next Travel Destination


Do you ever have moments when you start mindlessly checking social media posts during downtime and note down each place in your city which you have yet to visit and discover? One time, while I was slacking the day away, I went through the internet scouting for a place to explore. I came across Danasan Eco Adventure Park’s website and I became engrossed with everything they have to offer. I wanted something different for my visiting relatives (mom and brother), not just the usual sun, sand, and sea vibe. I wanted to be more in touch with nature with a bit of adventure, hence, Danasan Eco Park made it to the final cut.Read More »

Bunzie’s Cove: A Hidden Gem in the North of Cebu


Cebu and its nearby provinces are blessed with a number of beautiful beaches and waterfalls. But aside from the numerous white and gray sand beaches and falls, did you know that there’s a quaint hidden cove just a few hours away from Cebu City? Yes. Bunzie’s Cove lay pleasantly endearing just 2 1/2 hours away from the city – a paradise you wouldn’t believe tucked silently along the highway of Tabogon, Cebu. The place aims to provide distraction-free space for their guests and allows them to rediscover that inner peace forgotten from the rush of life. Our trip to Bunzie’s Cove was pretty memorable. It’s one of those moments that gave me sepanx, like I’m so drawn to the place that I want to stay there a little bit longer.


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Murray’s New Orleans: New Menu and Happy Hour Cocktails

Cebu’s Murray’s New Orleans restaurant  serves  American food in a casual dining flair. Recently, Murray’s New Orleans added new set of dishes to their menu. We’ll go through each of those plates one at a time but for now, here’s a sneak peek.



From its casual dining and elegant facade, you might hesitate and worry that their dishes are a bit over priced like most American bistros but, let me tell you this, Murray’s New Orleans is one of the few restaurants that really brings value to your money. They give what they believe to be is the best and sure enough, one bite from any of their food offerings, and you’ll believe it too. They offer mostly American food but they also have other variety like pizza and pasta dishes as well nachos. One can afford to splurge a little given that New Orleans has a menu full of delectable choices that’s redeeming enough and worth the return visit.Read More »