Camotes Island Feels, An Introduction


Being a resident of Cebu City for almost 8 years, it’s surprising to some why my adventure to Camotes Island last September, 2016 was actually my first ever Camotes trip. Oh well, I can go on and on with the rationale behind it (and misfortunes in between) but, no, I’m not going to go that route. Since I’ve already set foot on the island, I’m not going to dwell on the whys anymore. Instead, let’s focus on the “how has it been”.

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5 Budget-Friendly Hotels with Swimming Pools in Cebu City

A short R and R within the city is a luxury we rarely find in between work and our everyday social hustle . For working class professionals – right out of a cubicle business setting – a quick time-off is just what we need to balance our active and busy lifestyle. Does a staycation sound just about right to you? A staycation is a vacation within the comforts of your own locality. It could be referred to as an overnight stay at a hotel within the city. “Stay” could mean tucked inside a comfy roomy; laze around and just bum your day away; (va)cation is pretty much self-explanatory – a vacation. Furthermore, it’s a vacation within the city but not at the confines of your home.

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