Makan Ahooy Food Kiosk, Lahug’s Mini Food Park

Cebu’s economic growth is booming in a major way in recent years. Food sectors continue to rise that is why Cebu is a powerhouse in business affairs, economics and tourism (where the food industry belong).


Let’s take Makan Ahooy, for instance. Makan Ahooy Food Kiosk in Salina Drive, Lahug is a one-stop-hub for Southeast Asian favorites, hawker style. There may be different trendy restaurants opening all around the city, but Makan’s simplicity and un-pretentiousness made it rise above the rest of its competition.

Makan is a Malay word which means “eat” and Ahooy is like an expression of delight or a way of showing off or boasting with pride. If you are looking for a place with different mix of specialties, this is the place for you. Makan Ahooy Food Kiosk has several food stalls inside that specializes in various Singaporean, Malaysian, Korean, Italian and local favorites at a very reasonable price. Let’s go over Makan’s 6 tenants and get to know about each of their specialties.

Makan Ahooy FOOD kiosk
Salinas Dr., Lahug Cebu City
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Gibb’s Hot Wings Cebu, The King of Wings


Have you noticed the sudden breakthrough of “chicken wings” in Cebu? The wing craze has gone extreme the past year and it has now become a dominant force in the food business primarily because of it’s a known favorite of Filipinos.

Gibb’s Hot Wings, as we know, is the King of Wings in Cebu. Did you know that Gibb’s started in the owner’s front yard as a hang-out place for him and his married friends? Until eventually, it expanded and became what is it now, one of Cebu’s Best. But Gibb’s is not mainly for chicken lovers only. You can have a perfect night out with your friends or workmates and feast on their delicious grub besides the famous wings. Gibb’s is not only an all-chicken-wing hub, you see. They also serve pasta dishes like Bacon & Mushroom Carbonara and Spag n’  Meatballs (which I have yet to try, but I will really soon!) plus other food options like Potato Wedges and Potato Chip Taco that goes well with your choice of beer. Check out their menu for a more detailed list of their food offerings.Read More »