Jollibee’s Halo-Halo Sundae


Jollibee recently launched two limitted edition offerings: Adobo Flakes Yum Burger (P59) and Halo-Halo Sundae (P35) in relation to their Proud Pinoy campaign. I have yet to try the adobo burger, but let me tell you more about the halo-halo sundae since I braved the long queue just to try it out.

This pinoy favorite has had several versions over time and Jollibee made sure they have their own twist to it. Using vanilla soft serve ice cream as base (instead of crushed ice) was genius. There is no need for milk and other sweetener since the ice cream does the part 100%. Topped with nata de coco, lanka (jackfruit), red beans, and macapuno as stars of the product, I can only gush about it again and again because surprisingly, I liked it. It’s simple yet super tasty, a sure hit for sweet tooth like myself. The halo-halo sundae is uniquely pinoy from the ingredients to it’s look down to the taste.

Both items were launched on June 1, in time for the celebration of this year’s Philippine Independence Day. Go to the nearest Jollibee store in your area and try these classic Jollibee favorites with a twist of Filipino flavor and together, let’s be one and proud to be Pinoy.



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