Bumpy Boat Ride Sailing to White Island, Camiguin

White Island is a horseshoe-shaped sandbar about 20 minutes boat-ride away from  Brgy Agoho (Brgy. Yumbing) in the northern shore of Mambajao. It is located 1.4 km (0.87 mi) off the volcanic island of Camiguin, Philippines.

Four adventuristas in a fun-filled boat ride on their way to White Island in Camiguin. Imagine a jarring ride in the open sea with splashes of salt water all over us on the get go. We were shouting and screaming almost the entire trip but it was one hell of a bumpy experience worth remembering.



Know more about our Camiguin Trip and our  White Island adventure here. It was an adventure within an adventure with loads of laughs. The island is incredibly jaw-dropping, I can’t get enough of it.

Check out 10 Must-See Destinations In Camiguin Island← and →how to get there←.

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