90-Minute The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale for the Superfans


TWD nation is buzzing about the season six finale episode “Last Day on Earth” which will air on Sunday, April 3. The huge following of the series are raging over who is going to die in the season ender of The Walking Dead.

Big names were thrown out like Daryl, Glenn and Carol, to name a few. But who is it really going to be? Three days before episode 16’s release, an alleged leaked 11-minute audio file of Negan’s debut to the show, including him killing off one beloved character is intense and nerve racking circulated online. You can hear Maggie, Carl, Rick and Glenn’s voice in the background but it appeared mostly Negan’s monologue from the entire clip. I listened to it myself and based on that clip, it seem to be leaning towards Glenn Rhee’s fateful death.

During Norman Reedus’ interview with The Hollywood Reporter after the spine-chilling episode 15 has been aired, he was asked to describe Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s entrance as Negan in the season finale, his answer made fans fidget and excited at the same time:

That episode is the most hard-core episode you’ve ever seen on the show. Ever. And it’s so well directed [by exec producer Greg Nicotero] and it’s so well played out. And so terrifying. It’s so good. A lot of effort went into making that the best episode we’ve ever shot on this show. – Norman Reedus

It’s super shocking and it’s pretty hard-core. Andy said he was late for work because he read it all night; Josh said he threw the script; Lauren threw up. It’s gnarly. I was instantly curious. I had ideas about what would happen and it made you feel sick and it was painful. – Norman Reedus

At the beginning of month, Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie Greene and wife of Glenn in the series told Entertainment Tonight that the season 6 finale is “the cliff-hangerist episode” the show has ever done, giving hints that the fans might have to wait until September for the premier of season 7 to find out who got killed by the infamous Lucille (Negan’s barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat).

Given these interviews and thousands of theories put up by fans and viewers of the show, still, nothing is definite until we see the finale episode. TWD is known for it’s secrecy so all that we can hold on to are speculations right now. I personally think there’s a 40% possibility that it’s going to be Daryl and 60% chance it’s Glenn. A few more days to go before season 6 concludes but it definitely promises both agonizing and guilt-edge 90-minute finale to remember.

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