90-Minute The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale for the Superfans


TWD nation is buzzing about the season six finale episode “Last Day on Earth” which will air on Sunday, April 3. The huge following of the series are raging over who is going to die in the season ender of The Walking Dead.

Big names were thrown out like Daryl, Glenn and Carol, to name a few. But who is it really going to be? Three days before episode 16’s release, an alleged leaked 11-minute audio file of Negan’s debut to the show, including him killing off one beloved character is intense and nerve racking circulated online. You can hear Maggie, Carl, Rick and Glenn’s voice in the background but it appeared mostly Negan’s monologue from the entire clip. I listened to it myself and based on that clip, it seem to be leaning towards Glenn Rhee’s fateful death. Read More »

Porter Marina Yacht Club & Light House, Liloan Ph


A lighthouse is a venue that attracts guests and travelers who are seeking comfort and serenity overlooking vast clouds and wide sea view – always been a sight to behold. If you are looking for tranquil and relaxing ambiance that gives a nostalgic feel, then Porter Marina Yacht Club & Lighthouse is the answer. Porter Marina is a 2-storey architectural structure capped by a lighthouse. It is standing tall along a yacht club with fishing & grill house and a stunning view of the Magellan Bay. Plus, it is conveniently located within the heart of Liloan, Cebu. Last summer, my friends and I spent an entire day frolicking over fun and games, swimming and sight-seeing at the lighthouse.Read More »