The Walking Dead: Who’s Next To Die?


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The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale is just around the corner. On Sunday, April 3, will conclude it’s undeniably best season by far. Ultimately, it will introduce the coming of probably one of the greatest villain ever on TV – Negan, which will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. AMC promised that the finale episode will bring death to one of the more popular characters in the show. With that being said, it brought corybantic netizens over the edge as to who’s it going to be.

***SPOILERS AHEAD: If you have not watched TWD’s Season 6, Ep14 yet do not read any further.***

There are two more episodes left before the season ender and fans are already buzzing about how season 6 will conclude, even after the show’s return from it’s mid-season break last February. In the comic series, Negan’s entry came with a death sentence to our beloved Glenn as the character got smashed to death with multiple blows from Negan’s barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat named Lucille. But will The Walking Dead stay ‘faithful’ to Negan’s comic book entrance?

We all know that TWD is everything but predictable particularly when it comes to deaths of the characters. So to all Glenn Rhee fans out there, there is still a ray of hope that he will be spared for at least this season. Scott Gimple hinted that it’s going to be one of the Atlanta 5 who’s going to receive Negan’s wrath. Rick, Carl, Carol, Glenn and Daryl are the remaining Atlanta survivors in the group. I, personally, do not think Rick and Carl will be leaving this early because these characters have a long way to go based on the storyline.  Definitely, the father and son duo are untouchables in the coming seasons. Therefore, that brings us down to the other three characters that could possibly be the next casualty. Carol, Glenn and Daryl.

I will be biased in this because I am a huge Daryl Dixon fan. Although I love Glenn, Rick, Carol, Michonne, Sasha and Carl (I love them all!!), Dixon is my favorite and I am inlove with everything about him. Sorry.

A lot of speculations point to Daryl being the one to go in the finale because there has been talks that he is leaving the show for other work opportunities. They also say it’s because his character is not in the comic book series anyway, so he is violable. That may be the biggest reason why the producers will most likely eliminate him but on the other hand the creators should also consider the Daryl Dixon’s multitude of fans who are going to rave about his possible exit. I couldn’t even imagine how this is even possible but I can only hope it’s not him. In his recent interview, Norman Reedus said that he will be back in season 7, which I think is another case of reverse psychology. Why would he say that unless he’s hiding something (like being killed in the finale?). He may return next season through a flashback or something, so Reedus might have said the truth after all.

Let’s now go to Glenn, the obvious choice. There is nothing predictable in TWD so just thinking about pursuing the Negan-Glenn death scene from the comic books to the television does not strike unconventional to me. Like Dixon’s character, Glenn also has a good number of following and fans will surely be pissed if the show hacks him. Steve Yeun did not reveal anything as far as how his character stands in the show so for now, all we can do is wait and see. If TWD will follow Glenn’s fate in the comic series, then this is a first of it’s kind.

Finally, Carol. In the books, Carol is long dead. Her story in the tv series is so much different and has the most most change from being the abused wife and mother to a survivor.  The last two episodes show more of Carol’s emotional struggle. She seem affected greatly when going for a kill and looked as if she can’t do it anymore. In the latest episode, she left Tobin a letter and ended their romance. She ran away unnoticed and who knows where she’s headed or what’s going to happen to her. Is that a sign that the show will finally fulfill Carol’s comic book role?

AMC assures their viewers a heart wrenching and frustrating 90 minutes of television experience on April 3. I personally think that the creators will put an unexpected twist instead of going for the obvious. Daryl’s character has an unfinished business with Dwight and both are developing a story, so this may take Daryl’s character to at least the next season, but who knows. In one of Andrew Lincoln’s interviews, he said he literally got sick to his stomach after reading the finale’s script. It made him and the rest of the cast silent and crying in the set. On that note, it could be Maggie and her unborn child instead of Glenn for a more dramatic aftermath or perhaps another series regular like Abraham or Morgan in the death row. The only twist that’s wilder and crazier to ever happen in the finale is to make Rick kill that one person. Negan would force Rick to pick  someone from his group and kill him using his bat. He may hold Carl or Judith hostage or something that will leave Rick with no choice but do it. This for me is the ultimate punishment to Lincoln’s character and definitely make his stomach sink. Anyway, these theories may or may not correspond to what the TV show is bound to materialize but nevertheless, the season finale will surely leave us fans crying and likewise sick to our stomachs.

But the question remains, who is next to go from the Atlanta 5? Who else from Rick’s team will die? Will AMC’s The Walking Dead leave us with a cliffhanger of a finale or will they stick with the books for the first time?


AMC’s The Walking Dead airs Sundays 9/8c

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